Just 23 different polls by a handful of outlets say higher taxes should be part of any solution to reduce the deficit. Don’t tell the TEA Party. They say we’re taxed enough already. Meanwhile tax revenues haven’t been this low since literally 1950. A jobless recovery and lower taxes on the wealthiest Americans have seen to that.

Bruce Bartlett brings us this news. Support for tax increases is 60% or above in every poll or an average of 65%.

What has always baffled me about the TEA Party is how they claimed to represent mainstream Americans against a big government that no longer represented them. Many TEA Party members I know still say the majority of Americans are TEA Party People. This is false of course. They are correct however that the government didn’t represent them. At the time you didn’t find much support for their radical and unrealistic agenda in Congress. Of course now the GOP caucus is chock full of nuts in Congress. Recently that’s only hurt their cause in the eye of the public.

Still the GOP is rallying their troops to stay strong on the no increased taxes front. Their obsession with making our debt a massive issue while at the same time putting smart solutions off limits to please the TEA Party is not going unnoticed by the public. Support for Democrats in Congress has climbed over the last few weeks as support for the GOP has declined. Meanwhile Obama still beats every big name Republican in head to head matchups including Representative Bachmann. The GOP is clearly doing itself no favor by drawing a line in the sand on the wrong side of an issue the public is firmly behind.

Lately I’ve seen sentiment from random conservative comments around the web that the GOP is just doing it’s job by representing it’s people including the TEA Party. I guess they mean we shouldn’t fault the Republicans for their actions since their actions were what their voters wanted. We shouldn’t fault them for bringing us to the brink of default and causing the gridlock that was ultimately the major factor in the downgrade of our credit. In the end though we’ve elected these individuals not to give us everything we want but to lead based on the facts and to weigh the ramifications of their actions. There is no excuse for what the GOP did. Falling back on the voters as an excuse for horrible leadership is about as pathetic as it gets.

Meanwhile we inch closer to a second recession. We have solutions to boost our economy but of course they’re off limits thanks to the TEA Party GOP. We can’t increase unemployment, food stamps, or give aid to the states to keep workers on. We for sure can’t give another round of stimulus for infrastructure projects. The GOP will however allow us to cut our spending and keep taxes low on the rich and continue to protect and reward the very same people hurt least in the recession. Thanks, GOP. Thanks, TEA Party.

Source: http://www.watchblog.com/democrats/archives/007656.html

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