A year ago we launched a North American edition of the BBC News site, run from our bureau in Washington DC. As well as strengthening our coverage of US issues, it meant we could offer a front page of the website targeted directly at our millions of readers in the US and Canada.

Screengrab of the international magazine


Two weeks ago, we introduced an extra element to the website, following a further expansion in Washington – an international edition of the Magazine index. This is great news for readers of the website outside the UK, and also for the Magazine’s regular followers at home, who will be able to access all the new content too. As was the case with the launch of the North American edition, the international Magazine is done with the backing of BBC Worldwide, the BBC’s commercial arm, which funds our services internationally.

Since we started the Magazine in the UK in 2003 it has grown to become a focus for original features, such as our piece looking at 50 years of Private Eye covers, as well as regular items like 7 days 7questions, Who What Why, and Paper Monitor. Until now, however, it has never had a high prominence on our international site. It has also been largely text and still images.
The new edition means we can bring to the international site the same focus on some of our most popular content from around the world, such as this tale about the restoration of Hitler’s sea defences.

And it’s particularly pleasing that a central part of this new approach will be in video. Four new video strands – First Person, Altered States, Living Online and Picture This – have joined the Magazine and will, each week, bring fresh perspectives on stories of changing lives in the US.

By far the most frequent request from Magazine readers, when they have replied to surveys over the past few years, is that they would simply like the Magazine to have more stories in it. This new edition brings exactly that, and there will be other improvements to come in the next few weeks too.

Following the changes, all readers of the website, wherever they are, can find the Magazine displayed prominently on the BBC News front page, or by going directly to bbc.co.uk/magazine. You can also follow it on Facebook or on Twitter, and I’d be very happy to hear your thoughts on our new venture.

Giles Wilson is features editor of the BBC News website

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theeditors/2011/09/an_international_magazine.html

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