This last weekend Rep. Paul Ryan again blamed uncertainty for trouble in the economy. This shows how little the Republicans want to deal with reality on the economy and how greatly they wish to blame all of our troubles on Obama.

Today Center for Economic and Policy Research brought us two more pieces of evidence that contradict the GOP message on the economy:

If it were the case that firms would actually be hiring except for uncertainty then we would expect to see firms increasing the average number of hours worked per workers and also turning to temporary workers.

Businesses are doing neither of those things. The problem is still lack of demand, not uncertainty. The GOP cannot give up uncertainty as a cause of our problems though because then they have no anvil to toss to Obama while he’s drowning.

Meanwhile Obama continued fighting the GOP over the economy today as he released his plan to tax millionaires higher to pay for budget priorities. One popular idea from the right has been that Obama never stopped campaigning. I challenge them to notice the difference now and the difference just three weeks ago in Obama’s message and still insist he was always campaigning.

Obama has been hammering the GOP with a clear and concise message for a week straight now and he looks to keep that up perhaps until November of next year. So far this message is resonating with the voters. The GOP meanwhile never stopped hammering Obama for his golf game. I bet they’d rather he be golfing now for sure. Instead Obama has been standing in front of Americans and calling the GOP out for siding with the wealthy and big corporations over middle class small businesses and working class Americans.


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