Oh wait. We did know them. That was the whole problem. After last night’s GOP debate on CNN, most of us will not see some of those candidates again. Let’s take a look back at the various failures.

Huntsman didn’t even attend. No one noticed. His campaign started inauspiciously when his staff mispelled his first name on his business cards. He never attracted voters or campaign donations. The only candidate with any foreign policy credentials whatsoever, a decent track record in governance, and a reasoned attitude towards conservative ideals, he had the bad taste to point out most of the other candidates were whackjobs. So much for the Vice-Presidency, John. I mean, Jon.

Like the candidates who never declared- Trump and Christy- Michelle Bachmann enjoyed her brief flavor of the month status. Then she vehemently opposed raising the debt ceiling. First mistake. People noticed she was stupid. But that wasn’t a deal breaker. Next, she stared wildly into a camera, and the picture made its way onto a magazine cover. People noticed she always stared wildly, and that she was very probably crazy. Finally, she made the huge mistake of listening to a person in a crowd throw out something stupid and crazy about HPV vaccines, and she repeated it. This veritable gaffe machine became too much even for the whackjobs, who at least retained enough sanity to refrain from funding her campaign.

That reminds me. Let’s have a moment of silence for all of those poor bereaved Republicans who saw their wallets tragically emptied in such an untimely manner by a pseudo-candidate who never declared, yet pretended to run: Sarah Palin. She drove around in a flag-draped monstrosity of a bus, showing up in the vicinity of GOP events, fleecing the rubes… Look up “farce” in the dictionary and you should see her picture under the definition.

The campaign of Newt Gingrich imploded early and often, resulting in his staff actually quitting on the former Speaker of the House. Extraordinary measures were taken to resuscitate the campaign, but lack of funding doomed this radical full staff transplant. Supposedly a man of ideas, in truth he… well… had no ideas. During debates, he constantly seemed disgruntled with moderators for asking questions. Newt, it’s supposed to be a debate, not show and tell. The whole idea is supposed to be for voters to consider the candidates and their differences. Oh wait. There’s that problematic word for Newt again. “Idea.” Maybe idea is too strong. Let’s try “clue.”

Speaking of clueless, Rick Santorum, the Values Candidate, floundered badly the moment the debate turned away from values to virtually any other topic. Ron Paul schooled him on defense spending. It was brutal to watch. At least we know the other candidates are not mean. When Santorum bragged about his electoral wins in PA, no one cared enough to point out Santorum lost his last re-election bid 58 -41, the worst loss by any Senator since 1980. What it really means is that no one takes him seriously as a competitor. Certainly no voters are foolish enough to give him money.

Note to candidates. Do not stand next to Ron Paul. With the exception of Romney, he is way smarter than the rest of you. He’s knowledgeable. He knows what he is talking about. He makes the rest of you look like whackjobs. Do you know how bad that is? Ron Paul making you look like whackjobs? He may be wrong. He may be way too hot for the medium. But he’s smart. Stay away! Do not engage!

Although Herman Cain is the current flavor of the month, I think it’s safe to write him off as well. I’m beginning to suspect he is basically a grifter. You know, he is charismatic. And he’s likeable. He has been the CEO of a pizza chain and was given a position with the KC Fed. But for the life of me, he doesn’t seem to know much about business or economics. He claims to have a degree in Economics, but it’s actually in Accounting. He cannot raise money outside of that given to him by the Koch Brothers through Americans for Prosperity. Apparently, Cain cannot run an organization, a decidedly devastating flaw for someone who wants to be President. He doesn’t seem to understand his own 9-9-9 plan, and for some reason, inadequately explains it every chance he gets, to the point that most people don’t even realize the 9-9-9 portion is only the second tier in a transition to no personal and corporate taxes, just a national sales tax. The other candidates treat him like a likeable pet. ‘Oh shoot, there goes Herman again. Isn’t he adorable, folks?’ They don’t take him seriously. Neither should we.

So! Only Romney and Perry have raised enough money to matter, and Ron Paul’s campaign will continue regardless of funding. Unless some donor ponies up huge sums for one of the failures, we’ll have to wish these guys and gals a fond good-bye.

Back in the clown car!

Source: http://www.watchblog.com/democrats/archives/007726.html

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