In one of the most stunning campaigns in modern political history, Undecided has climbed into a tie for the lead among Republican presidential candidates. According to the latest Gallup poll, Undecided managed to tie both Romney and Cain at 21% with less than two months to the Iowa caucus. How did Undecided manage such a remarkable feat without funds, participation in debates, political experience, or any exposure in the media?

Of course, it’s no coincidence that Undecided is tied with Romney and Cain, the two GOP candidates most closely reflecting a philosophy of ‘I don’t know.’

Having taken both sides of virtually every major issue, Romney presents a real challenge to Undecided. He has the kind of vague, undefined beliefs that can change at any moment, that will enable him to run neck and neck with Undecided right into Super Tuesday. Romney also enjoys an enormous financial lead, with Undecided possessing literally no money whatsoever; and yet, supporters express concern that Romney has not been able to break away.

Undecided has never addressed the media or participated in a debate. Recently, candidate Herman Cain has followed undecided’s lead, with such classic statements as this: “Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! Don’t even bother asking!” Other statements are so confusing, they amount to an ‘I don’t know’ approach. Despite the lack of focus and attempts to hide from the media, Cain may not have the staying power to go beyond the Iowa caucuses, while Undecided seems primed to go the distance.

Other Republican presidential candidates can only gape in slack-jawed wonder. How did Undecided do it? After all, there have been millions of dollars raised, media campaigns, viral videos, trips to Iowa and New Hampshire, and debate after debate after debate, and still, Undecided is crushing the likes of Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann, and others. Rove is reported to be livid.

The Obama administration is already preparing a strategy for this newcomer. Feelers have been sent. Obama will take the first step, compromise, and sacrifice any progressive issue whatsoever, while asking nothing more in return from Undecided than a “MAYBE.”

Undecided has reportedly not replied.


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