If they’re waiting on a recession that will doom Obama they’ll need to wait a little bit longer, I think. BLS reports today jobs grew by just 80,000 in October but continues an upward trend that has seen the private sector add 2.76 million jobs in the last 20 straight months.

Remember that month we had zero job growth and how that became a talking point for the right wing media and for ad campaigns? That number was revised upward two months in a row to 104,000 jobs. For some reason there isn’t a rush to retract that critical tone or to apologize for the almost giddy reporting on Obama’s apparent abysmal failure. Oh well, maybe next time?

Overall unemployment ticked down slightly to 9% and the long term unemployed declined and is generally trending downward. Unemployment is still in a deep hole but we’re digging our way out over time.

This slow growth is unfortunate but not that unexpected. It’s unrealistic to think we’ll re-create jobs at the pace we lost them this time around. When is the last time you saw the economy create 800,000 jobs in a month’s time?

The markets and GDP growth have followed the same trend as jobs. GDP growth has slightly exceeded the pre-recession level and the markets are less than 20% off the peak. They’re growing ever so slowly, moving sideways many months, but moving up more than they are moving down.

All this is of course very bad news for the GOP clown car primary we’re all witnessing. This crop of candidates have to be praying for a depression to hit because as of today they’re not convincing anyone they’re qualified to do better than Obama.

At a slightly increased pace of job creation Obama will be able to remind voters in the head to head debates that he’s seen the markets, GDP, and job growth come into positive growth on his watch. Compare that to the way things were when he started and you’ll see how he might frame his case for wanting four more years. Unemployment will be bad for quite some time but the trend is as important as the number itself.

But in the end the facts may not matter. The conservatives these days live in a cloud of contempt for the president. You don’t have to listen to right wing talk radio for long before you hear somebody refer to Obama as the worst president ever or blame him for the sluggish economy as if the problems he’s handled better than anyone expected are somehow all his fault.

Liberals can’t let the right get away with that. We are roughly one year out from the election and we need to be taking this message to the people who listen to us in our families, our circle of friends, our churches or other places in the community.

Are we going to turn our backs on a man who’s seen us through the worst economic period of our lifetime in order to put back in power the same group of people who presided over this mess to begin with? There’s no clear answer to that question but there should be.

Source: http://www.watchblog.com/democrats/archives/007752.html

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