Cain is set to indorse Gingrich today if the reports are to be believed. If I’m Gingrich I really have to stop and question whether being associated with the Cain fallout is worth picking up few more percentage points of support. Gingrich is trying to tighten up the race in New Hampshire but Cain wasn’t doing too well there last time it was polled.

Things look great right now for Gingrich in Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida. But of course this lead should not comfort anyone one bit considering the up and down nature of this primary so far before voting has even begun.

The GOP primaries are coming up on us quickly. Here are the current RCP averages for Gingrich:

Gingrich really has to be worrying about New Hampshire where he trails by an average of 16.5% but there’s still plenty of time to close that gap. Cain was polling an average of 6.2% and as low as 2% in the latest poll. Can Gingrich take on Cain’s endorsement without taking on Cain’s baggage?

The truth is Cain quit the race after being dogged by allegations of marriage infidelity. Newt Gingrich is already associated with infidelity but has been trying to gloss over it for months. I wonder if Gingrich fears this will ramp up the conversation about Newt’s past marriage issues simply because he’s being linked to Herman Cain. Maybe not.

I think with this endorsement we’ll see the beginning of the Anti-Romney snowball. Gingrich will go in to Iowa with Cain’s supporters and he could be holding a big advantage there before the doors open. After Iowa we could see Bachmann and Perry drop out and throw their support his way as well to try and solidify Gingrich’s standing in New Hampshire. You could probably expect Jon Huntsman to finally endorse Romney if he does name someone. Santorum might lean toward Gingrich.

I listen to American Family Radio a lot in the car and the movement on there to build support for Gingrich and gloss over his past issues that might turn off values voters has really picked up lately. What AFR and other talk radio networks say about Gingrich will hold a lot of weight with many listeners. I expect Mike Huckabee to throw his support toward Gingrich after Iowa as well.

What Romney has to do in the next four weeks is try and damage Gingrich in some way to try and stave off any wave of endorsements for Gingrich should Gingrich win Iowa. He has to make Gingrich seem less reliable as a candidate and perhaps emphasize his standing as the only one polled that is neck and neck with President Obama.

The conversation this year has always been about the anti-Romney vote if the conversation even involved Romney. He’s just not getting much love from the media who would rather report the asinine things the other GOP candidates are doing and saying. Time is running out for Romney to convince conservatives that he’s good enough for them, deserves to stay in front in New Hampshire, and deserves support from the Christian right that is going to be weird about his Mormonism.


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