I’m delighted to tell followers of our new-style blogs (Nick Robinson, Robert Peston, Mark Mardell and co) that full RSS feeds are available again.

BBC correspondents

When we launched the new pages, I said it had been an unintended consequence of our changes that we were no longer making full feeds available. We recognised that significant numbers of people use RSS readers – particularly those who read a lot of blogs – and we hope the development will be welcome.

I should also note that following feedback to the earlier post, we also changed the way comments are displayed by default on correspondent pages. Unlike news stories – where the first visible comments are those most recently added – the default on correspondents’ posts is chronological order, oldest first.

We’ve also started including correspondents’ tweets on their pages. An example is my colleague Dominic Casciani, home affairs correspondent, who was recently tweeting from the Old Bailey and from outside St Paul’s Cathedral among other places. The growth of web-based short-form journalism, seen also in our Live Pages, is fascinating and is one of the ways in which our blogging is kept fresh.

Giles Wilson is the features editor of the BBC News website.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theeditors/2011/12/rss_feeds_for_bbc_news_corresp.html

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